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4272 Creative
Beautiful chaos – the art of imperfection.

4272 is the postcode for Tamborine Mountain, and 4272 Creative was born from the abundance of rich inspiration the mountain provides for my artwork.

My art and my life are perfectly described by two words – ‘beautiful chaos’.

My art, inspired by my family and surroundings, is a glimpse into my life. It’s an energetic, chaotic and imperfect life and this inspires me to create life-filled artworks using reclaimed timber. I build up layers of chalk paint, acrylic and ink in an unruly way before sanding them back, creating imperfections, unearthing textures and patterns and giving new life to the old timber. The vitality of the bright colours, coupled with my passion for stencil work and the history of the timber, makes my art the heartbeat of any home.

My love of stencilling began in my childhood. I grew up on a sheep farm in the Central West of NSW and when the sheep needed shearing, I would help out by stencilling our property name and numbers onto the wool bales. I still have those rusty metal stencils hanging in my studio today.

I am blessed to now live on an idyllic acre of rainforest in Queensland with my husband, three children and all the local flora and fauna. We often have a happy swarm of noisy kids running through the house. It is beautiful chaos, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Embrace the imperfections.

I love what I do and hope you do too.

Kelly Hatezic.