Original Art

Approximately 3 years ago, my current artistic journey began repurposing furniture. While the contemporary world was using white wash, greys and dusty pinks I was lured by blues, greens and purples to rejuvenate tired furniture into energetic, harmonious and life-filled pieces to become the heart-beat of any home.

I graduated from furniture to my true love, stand alone artworks on recycled timber. My process involves many layers of Chalk Paint®️, acrylics and inks. I hand paint, stencil and stamp my pieces then merge all the layers together by sanding. I love how sanding can change the narrative of each piece creating unexpected patterns and texture, giving my works a rustic appearance and depth, hinting they have lived a long and mysterious life before.

It is hard to articulate the joy that painting brings me. Every time I step into my studio I get excited about what is about to become. It is truly addictive.